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Lynn Allen's "ONE LAST NIGHT" DVD/Blu-ray

Lynn Allen's "ONE LAST NIGHT" DVD/Blu-ray

The DVD/Blu-ray is available for purchase at Co-op Records in the Quad Cities. Otherwise we have also made it available for purchase here on the website. Just click on the "Lynn Allen Merchandise" link.

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"LYNN ALLEN SINGLES" Stocking Stuffer!

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Lynn Allen's "ONE LAST NIGHT" DVD/Blu-ray

This CD contains newer versions of "Last Night", "Only Strangers", and The Billy Peiffer and Iowa song "Prick"!      "Surprise Surprise Live" and "Only Boy Live", both from the Lynn Allen Reunion DVD/Blu ray!      "Romeo", "Whisper to a Scream", and "I Don't Want To", from the "Nine" CD!      "I Will", "Warning Shot", and "Sober" from "The Horse You Rode In On"!      "I Am" from "Petrified Ice Cream"!

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Jessica and Jimmy

We have completed the change over. Jimi and Andrea are a blast to work with. It wasn't a smooth transition because we all caught that nasty bug that was going around and only rehearsed three times before we had to get out there and perform. We are rehearsing this week and will finally be able to tighten some things up. More original music and a few more fun covers. I have had Andrea in the Studio playing Bass, Singing and playing Piano on some older Iowa tunes. Paul Depauw is coming over next week to play some Guitar on a song we did on the second Iowa release. Colin Keemie stopped by and put a smoking solo on "Dancin" you remember that from the first Iowa release. Why Iowa stuff you ask? Oh I don't know…. A free release of a compilation of both Iowa releases before Iowa plays shows this Summer? Yup! It's been so long since that band has played I thought hey…. I'll rerecord a bunch of those songs and put them out for free to get everybody in the mood. Both of those releases were great if I do say so myself. I mainly did that for fun so we didn't really promote that band. The music easily stands on it's own though so when it comes out grab it! Lynn Allen is booking up the Summer months and this is going to be a good one!!!!
See you all at a show soon!!